Friday, May 7, 2010


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At this point ,you must be asking yourself what all of this image of Africa symbol means. What exactly , is the symbol seal of life image of spiritual being head and why is it so important that backwad race culture and values founding fathers would want it to be the symbol of cosmic kind of beast in air form central core fliud intelligent system atmosphere complex building heart cnter temple house body of knowledge of the real face value taste and interest for Atlantis.Africa image symbol depicts the universal figure idol concept of the creation of the planet earth world , as well as other world like continents surrounding Africa cosmic microwave radiation background of Atlantic ocean motion current that now exist. Let us move closely examine Africa image symbol depiction and explanation of the geographical expression image of breakup continent map. There continent constitute in its totality the world of emanations and from it proceeded four other continents each having also it's complex building heart center temple house body of knowledge in air form central core fluid intelligent system atmopshere grid coil powers , each inhabited by different order of beings but yet of a different grid coil ring of engagement ageless dna genetic cells. The spiritual being head supreme is an absolute and inscrutable unchangeable universal figure idol one body langauge unity , having nothing without first body of manhood and everything within a complex building heart center temple house body of manhood. He is called CHUKWU ABIAMA .

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