Thursday, May 6, 2010

2010 beyond universal figure idol power

n1571036074_7364, originally uploaded by umuekempi.

In the year 2010 beyond , Ekempi race against time to fulfill a prophecy set in motion coil grid of backward race culture and values by her ancient ancestors seal of life cosmic kind of ancient serpent beast ring of engagement connected to the central core fluid intelligent system atmopshere spanning sex symbol image of perfection thought plant in air form inspiration round an opened great circle zero dimension one body language upturned image of Africa geographical expression image of break up continents the foundation of reality and the prophecy of time as regard to church age truthful lies teaching activity. In essence the untold story of Africa image mystery universal figure idol is another image view of one bdy language history of human race interest taste and values. Ekempi host body of manhood complex building heart center temple house body of manhood struggle to pry open her family's dark secret creation is also humanity struggle to uncover its hidden past.


  1. This image take view of the cosmic microwave radiation background of Atlantic ocean current motion against the backbone which is awash with mythic overtones and replete with revalations of mystical realites of universal figure idol . Journey with soul mate divine companion star god to unlocked the secret thought of many to find your own truth.

  2. It is 2010 beyond and with that people wonder about the fates of the planet humanity and reality itself based on prophecy both old and new accelerating earth changes and our growing intuition and dreams about what if anything is distined to happen beyond 2010 from now. You have read the framework of your consciencious washed the theories to observed truthful lies teaching of church age great decepetion make belief and by now possibly anew universal figure idol spiritual head being . One view image on the outcome of 2010 beyond. It is just another year ahead. Reality will continue on with the usual dramas as we evolved into harmonic backward motion revolution grid coil ring of engagement power in air form reality understanding its universal figure idol nature of sex symbol image of Africa pattern seal of life and how the pattern of our behavior are connected by the genetic predispostion and soul mate divine companion conditioning.