Monday, May 25, 2009


"REMEMEMBER SUNLIGHT GIVE OFF ITSELF FREELY , FILLING ALL AVALIABLE SPACE. IT DOES NOT SEEK ANYTHING IN RETURN, IT ASKS NOT WHETHER , YOU ARE FRIEND OR FOE. IT GIVES OF ITSELF AND IS NOT THEREBY DIMINISHED" - SO IS NWAEKEMPI VOLUNTEERING ACTION WASTE INFORMATION RENEWABLE PROVIDER. To this end is the question (Was christianity adapted wholesale from "IDOL OF STARGOD IN WRONG USE OF SPELL"?Indeed, it may not sound Awesome for those who are ignorant that christianity was adapted wholesale from the "IDOL" of stsrgod complex building heart center temple house body of cosmic kind of ancient serpent beast coil grid power . Indeed, most Blacks have been messed up foreign religious and ideas as regards to good sense of judgment. If all scientist and historians (Black and whites) , agreed that human ancestors originated in Africa and the christian bible says" provider created man in his image and likeness as in good sense of sex symbol image of perfection complex building heart center temple house body of manhood seal of authority of universal figure . I t then must be of backward race culture black Africa. To this end, is good sense of logic judgment for myblog QED.Indeed, the christian church cloaks their lies and abuses in religious garbage and other hegenmonistic instincts in good sense of JUDE 1:8-16 judgment. to prove that sustainable stargod is Black is the volunteering action of waste information renewable alone in myblog.To this end is CHRISTIANITY, reminded of JEREMIAH 8:8-17 judgment "HOW CAN YOU SAY , THAT YOU ARE WISE AND THAT YOU KNOW THE LAWS BY WHICH I RULE YOU (LOOK , THE LAWS HAVE BEEN CHANGED BY DISHONEST SCRIBES) YOUR WISE MEN ARE PUT TO SHAME. THEY ARE CONFUSED AND TRAPPED . THEY HAVE REJECTED MY WORDS, WHAT WISDOM HAVE THEY GOT NOW?.JEREHIAM 8:8-17.

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